Brightest Witch of Her Age [203]

Hermione Granger as the main character or in the main pairing

Granger Enchanted Archive [82]

Stories that were salvaged from Granger Enchanted after the loss of the site.

The site of Hunting Horcruxes is trying to contact all of the authors who have stories in this category. If you know one of these authors or how to contact them, we would love to speak with them.

Once an author is found, the story is removed from this section. It is then up to the author on what happens to the story.

None of these stories are property of Hunting Horcruxes. They all belong to the authors who wrote them.

Department of Mysteries [11]

Based off of the Harry Potter books/movies 1-7/8 that do not feature Hermione Granger as the main character or pairing

The Veil [16]

When traversing through the Department of Mysteries, some of our authors hear mysterious voices. Those voices take shape into their own characters, places, and plots. This is where all original stories should be placed.

Mama Vara's Corner [2]

Do you have a situation that you need an outside opinion on? Mama Vara is here to help.

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