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Taylor ~ 23 ~ Slytherin ~ Author ~ Graphic Artist

Thank you to Canimal, Kittenshift17, and Freya Ishtar's awesome writing and their lovely FB group the deatheater express, I have fallen off of my typical dramoinie bandwagon (though I still love my draco), and onto Hermione pairings with other deatheaters. Most of my stories will reflect these pairings.  I've been writing fanfiction for 12 years now on a series of sites and under different pennames. Upon completion of graduating from College in May 2016 I have begun to pick up my pace at writing again.

Completed Stories

Stranded ~ Hermione/Rabastan ~ one-shot

Fierce ~Tomione ~ one-shot (8,000 words)

Stories In-Progress

Unconventional Love ~ Hermione/Antonin ~ updated at least weekly

Dangerous Little Games ~ Hermione/Thorfinn ~ updated 1-2 per week

Deatheater Express Drabbles Collection ~ Hermione/ Multiple DE Pairings ~ updated sporadically

Plot Bunnies & Planning - May PM for more information

The Cradle will Fall ~ I'm in the process of redrafting a story I've written but as yet not posted ~ Its a OC centric fic set in the Marauders era and essentially a complicated love triangle between the main female OC and Sirius Black and Rabastan Lestrange. Will add more with updates.

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