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Real name: Julie
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Age: 44
Gender: F
Beta-reader: Yes
Fandoms: All except Hermione/Ron. No!
Favorite Books: 1984, Safehold Series, Honor Harrington series

Hello to anyone actually reading this! My real-life name is Julie.

I'm 44, a military veteran, and work as a police dispatcher. I have a self-published fantasy work in print and I'm working on its sequel. I also have 2 other books in-progress; a magical adventure for adults and a sci-fi. If I could make a living writing (getting paid for it... so we can eat) I would.

I've been married for 22 years with three great kids. We also have 3 dogs and 2 cats. I'm a Texas native, but I love to travel, and I did when I was posted in Germany. Europe and London were fantastic to see, but now...

I like sports (Longhorns! Astros! Texans), reading, cooking, astronomy, and computer gaming. Feel free to drop me a line, I love hearing from people.

My stories can be found at

Please excuse the 2007-2011 works! I had just got back into writing and the stuff is laughably awful! Taking college composition and various creative writing classes helped me clean up my act!

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