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'Cupid' by shalimar1981
'Cupid' by shalimar1981

Music echoed down the stairs in a slightly distorted way, making it sound slightly wistful. That was the first thing Remus noticed when he came back from his trip to Diagon Alley. Shrugging out of his threadbare cloak and hanging it on the wardrobe, he listened intently. No doubt about it, someone was playing one of his records on his old gramophone in the attic.

He hoped it wasn't the twins for a visit. His record collection wasn't liable to survive a close encounter with either of them. He bolted up the stairs without checking to see if anyone was at home aside from the person currently listening to Sam Cooke upstairs. A later period than his usual Big Band or Swing, but it was Sam Cooke.

'Cupid' he realised, sighing, which wasn't an easy feat, taking two steps at a time. It would have to be that song. He never listened to that one anymore. Not since he'd been foolish enough to...

He reached the third floor, panting, the music reverberating from one of the smaller rooms at the end of the hallway. He walked quickly but silently over to the door to see just who had commandeered his gramophone.

He did a double take. Why did it have to be her? Like this?

Hermione was dancing on her own to the mellifluous voice of Sam Cooke, with her arms held around an invisible partner, swaying around the room in gentle turns and swirls.

He swallowed, something hitting him straight in the stomach.

She looked so peaceful and happy dancing like this, but at the same time made such an absolutely lonely picture with no one there to hold and guide her around the room.

He looked on, unsure for a moment, then made his decision in an instant. He walked over to her swaying form silently, taking care she wouldn't notice him. Then, in the next turn she took, he smoothly stepped into her arms; sliding his hand in hers and his arm around her waist, he pulled her as close to him as he dared.

She let him, a smile dawning on her face, eyes still closed.

His gaze took in every line of her face.

Now he guided her around the room in turns and twirls; the old fashioned dance brought to life by the two of them. It was strangely fitting for them to dance now, like this, considering they had been figuratively dancing around each other for months, only with less grace and elegance than they were in this moment. Without thinking they put their suppressed feelings into the moves, making the dance far more than just a dance and more a conversation without words.

"Remus," she whispered with a smile, just as the song ended and he drew the dance to a close. How had she known who she was dancing with?

Then she opened her eyes, taking a deep breath.

As he stepped away from her body, he didn't release her hand. He kept it between his, slowly, unconsciously caressing her soft skin, rubbing over her knuckles and enfolding it between his own.

He stared into her soft brown eyes until he didn't know where he ended and she began. Then she blinked and the spell was partly broken.

With a slight smile he brought her hand to his lips and softly kissed the back of her hand. "Hermione."

She slowly released the breath she'd been holding, a blush staining her cheeks and she smiled, nodding.

The arrows had hit their targets.

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